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Curtains are one of the most traditionally used window dressings and they are definitely experiencing a real resurgence in popularity right now as we crave the softer and more luxurious feeling that curtains evoke. Our Bespoke Curtains London are a great way to introduce colour, pattern and texture into a room and can also if properly designed, help to balance and accentuate the proportions of a room. In a similar way, they can help to make a feature of a beautiful window or view or help to disguise a not so nice view! Curtains are also incredibly versatile and can often be the best solution when dealing with tricky or unusual windows. There are also so many ways to individualise and style your curtains with different fabrics, trimmings, fixings and different curtain headings. They also offer excellent acoustic, thermal and black-out benefits. For more information on our Bespoke Curtains London, contact us today.

Why choose curtains?

  • Help soften a room
  • Look and feel so luxurious
  • Offer the opportunity to add colour, pattern and texture
  • Help accentuate the proportions of a room
  • Help make a feature of a beautiful window or view
  • Super versatile and can work for the trickiest windows
  • So many ways to individualise and style your curtains with fixings, headings and trims
  • Excellent acoustic, thermal and blackout benefits
Katherine Brown - Curtains - Blue and white lounge curtains
Katherine Brown - Curtains - green leaf curtains
Katherine Brown - curtains - bold red print curtains
Katherine Brown - curtains - grey bold print curtains

Curtain Design

There are four main ways to individualise your new curtains: through your choice of fabric,  heading, lining and hardware – and there’s nothing we like more than helping our customers find the perfect fabric and choose the most suitable heading, lining and hardware.

We measure, make and fit your curtains and hardware taking care of every detail for you.

Katherine Brown - curtains - blue and white willow pattern curtains
Katherine Brown - curtains - red print Indian inspired curtains
Katherine Brown - curtains - tree print curtains
Katherine Brown - curtains - green print curtains

Curtain Fabric

We work with all the major fabric manufacturers as well as lots of smaller independent fabric designers and so the range of fabrics we offer is breathtaking, but don’t worry we will guide you to fabrics that suit your home, your colour scheme and budget. We will gladly talk you through the different types of fabric and their suitability for use as curtains. As well as fabrics we can also help with trimmings, braids and tie backs to make your curtains really special and unique. 

Katherine Brown - curtains - Zoffany
Katherine Brown - Curtains - Harlequin
Katherine Brown - Curtains - Elanbach
Katherine Brown - Curtains - Romo
Katherine Brown - Curtains - GP&J Baker

Curtain Headings

Along with fabric the other style and practical consideration is the curtain heading. Headings gather and determine the fullness of the curtain and are also an integral part of the design of the curtains. There are so many different headings to choose from, varying from very traditional and formal looking to much more informal and contemporary. The heading will also determine how neatly the curtains stack back off the window, with some headings such as a single pinch stacking back into a much smaller space than say a triple pinch pleat which is a much fuller curtain.

Pencil Pleat curtains

Pencil Pleat

A crisp heading that is perfect for voile and other lightweight curtains.

Eyelet curtains


A contemporary heading where the pole is threaded through metal eyelets in the top of the curtain, the eyelets come in many different finishes and so can be matched to the finish of the pole.

Single Pinch Pleat

Single Pinch Pleat

A very smart heading where a buckram stiffening is sewn along the top of the curtain and pleats are hand-sewn at regular intervals. The single pinch pleat looks smart and contemporary and stacks back neatly and efficiently, being the ideal heading for smaller rooms or where there is limited space to the side of the window for the curtains to stack. 

Double Pinch Pleat

Double Pinch Pleat

Like the single pinch pleat but pleats are gathered into sets of two pleats to give a fuller curtain and a slightly more traditional look to the curtains. Will still stack nicely back off the window but takes up a little more space than single pinch pleat as the curtains are fuller.

Triple pinch pleat

Triple Pinch Pleat

Like the single and double pinch pleat above but pleats are gathered into sets of three to give an even fuller and even more traditional and luxurious look.



A contemporary heading, similar in appearance to an eyelet curtain but here the curtain sits directly below a discreet wave curtain track in a very neat and uniform style. The curtain folds are gentle and they stack back neatly. If you like wave curtains but prefer a pole then we can also supply a wave pole that has a discreet wave track hidden inside. 

Curtain Linings

Curtain linings help to protect the fabric from sunlight, dust and general wear and tear and also provide extra body and help the fabric to drape nicely. The most popular lining is cotton sateen because it drapes so beautifully. Blackout linings are also popular in bedrooms as are thermal linings where extra insulation is required.  

Interlining curtains provides even more volume and also helps with heat retention and draught exclusion. It is a soft blanket-like layer of cloth that is inserted between the fabric and the lining.

Curtain Hardware

There are a variety of hardware options that we use to fix and hang our curtains and the options we recommend are based on your needs, the look you want to achieve and the size, shape, design and orientation of the window in the room. We are also very happy to work with your existing hardware.     

Straight Windows

For straight windows, the options include:

Corded or un-corded white metal curtain tracks that can be either face fixed on the wall or ceiling fixed. The tracks are slim and unobtrusive and provide a cost-effective and efficient solution for most windows. We can also supply double tracks, for example, if you wanted curtains and sheer curtains for privacy.

For a smarter look, we can supply and fit a covered lath and fascia where the metal curtain track is fixed to a board and a slim fabric covered fascia hides the track.

We can also supply fabric-covered pelmets which can look super luxurious and help to make the window appear taller and more generous.

We can also supply an extensive range of curtain poles in a variety of styles and finishes including brands such as Silent Gliss, Galleria and Cameron Fuller.   

We measure, make and fit your curtains and hardware taking care of every detail for you.

Bay Windows

For bay windows we would usually recommend one of the following options:

Corded metal curtain track either face fixed or ceiling fixed, positioned correctly these will enable your curtains to glide smoothly and effortlessly around the bay.

Covered lath and fascia with hidden track, this method works very well on a bay window with all the benefits of a corded track.

Fabric-covered pelmet to conceal a corded metal curtain track can be a great opportunity to create a sense of height and drama.

Bay window curtain pole which we template to fit the bay. 

Silent Gliss Metro Pole is an excellent choice for bay windows and because they come in such a wide array of finishes they can work in any setting.    

Katherine Brown - Bay Window curtains
Katherine Brown - Bay window curtains with trim

We measure, make and fit your curtains and hardware taking care of every detail for you.

Unusual Shaped Windows

We love a challenge, so if you have an unusual or awkwardly shaped window do get in touch and let us take a look, we haven’t been defeated yet and pride ourselves in working with clients to provide solutions that work.